When life is hard, read this💛

You might be struggling, you might have family issues, maybe someone in your family is sick, maybe something is bothering you, maybe you are anxious …

When life is hard, read this💛

Hi readers,

Recently, you may have noticed my lack of posting. Although I can blame that partially on my mere lack of motivation, there are definitely some other factors contributing to me being distant. I apologize for not being a consistent blogger. I really am.

I have realized lately that even my seemingly large problems are so small compared to some others. But still, they are problems that need to be dealt with.

Recently, Roshni wrote this post that literally made me tear up (for the record, I am not a cryer). Roshni’s amazing post made me realize that I am not alone in this insanely hard life. In all my struggles, I am not alone.

I just thought I would share this post with you guys because of how powerful it was to me.

Roshni, thank you so much for writing this post. I needed to hear it, and I am so grateful.

If you have 5 minutes, I would encourage you to read the post over. It truly is a beautiful post.

Thank you, my faithful friends, for staying with me. You are so appreciated and loved.

I hope your day is amazing! Try to encourage someone today. That seemingly little thing you do for someone or say to someone could mean so much to them.



Recapping this school year

Today is June 20th. June 20th is the first day of summer.

Although I absolutely hate the weather in Philadelphia throughout the summer, I find myself being able to control my hate of the weather due to the fact that I am free. I am so glad that school is done (although I kind of miss it).

This year brought a lot of new emotions into my life due to the pandemic.

I started school in September after being online for most of the last school year. As an introvert, I was fully prepared (and hoping) to go online at any point if the pandemic had a break out.

The year was long but it brought a lot of memories.

We went online for two weeks after Thanksgiving, but by God’s grace we were able to stay in-person for the rest of the year.

My favorite memories from this year came at the end of the year (here come the pictures 😅).

One of the best memories from this year was field day. Field day is an annual tradition at our school, and it was so fun this year.

I apologize about how blurry that picture is. In case you cannot see it clearly, that picture is me and some of my best friends doing tug a war.

This is a random google classroom picture of my class. I am three rows back on the far left.

The end of the year came, and I graduated 8th grade. I apologize for the dark look I am giving-

Lets just say I am not super photogenic.

All in all, I would consider this year pretty good.

I am going to miss my friends next year as we all depart for different high schools, however, I am eager to see what God has next for me.

Thanks for reading, and I will be back soon!

New Blog // A Girls Guide


Today I have very exciting news… me and some other bloggers have collaborated to create a blog for tween/teen girls. The blog we created is called “The Girls Guide.”

After a couple months of designing the blog, we are finally ready to launch!

As the name of the blog is “The Girls Guide,” we strongly advice that the blog is only for girls. On the blog, we will discuss more “girlish” topics such as puberty, guys, and beauty.

If you are a tween or teen girl, I really hope you can join us on our blog!

If you have any questions, you can comment below, email us (thegirlblogcontact@gmail.com), or just email me (meg.gleason.07@gmail.com).

All the questions I receive will be part of an anonymous Q&A on this blog.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back soon!