Behind the Scenes

Hi. I’m Meg Gleason. Y’all are probably wondering who writes all this stuff and thats what I’m here to tell you. I am a teenage girl with a love for goats, sports, blogging, and reading. I have had about three blogs previously but they have not worked. This time I hope it does. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I have two brothers, an amazing mother and an equally amazing father. My favorite book series is Harry Potter and my favorite TV Show/Movie is The West Wing. I am a fan of the Seattle Seahawks even though I live in Philly 😬 I am also a fan of the Philadelphia 76ers. We have 19 chickens and two dogs. My favorite emoji is 🦆. I am gluten-free (I hope to post about that).

I sent out a little message to my closest friends asking them to describe me in one word… here are the results:

Olivia – Funny, confident, clever (I than said “ONE WORD,” and she replied, “ok than hilarious”).

Charlie – Awkward

My mother – Edgy, scary (hmph two words)

Yaaa so thats that.

Now, Harry Potter. My life. My love. My everything. Heh heh bit much. I am a Slytherin (absolutely no surprise there). My soulmate from Harry Potter is Draco Malfoy (he is really hot lol). My favorite character is Fred Weasley. He is better than George. More of a character. I also adore Snape. Like love him. My least favorite character is Lavender Brown. Ugh. She is SO ANNOYING. I took a Harry Potter quiz and I am Snape and Ginny.

So thats all the random stuff about me but I am now going to talk about my faith. I am a Christian and I believe in God. I go to a private Christian school and a Presbyterian church. I believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. If y’all wanna talk about faith, please let me know. I love finding fellow Christian teens out there!

Thanks so much for reading! Have a terrific day!