Hi! | 100 followers special coming up

Hi guys! How are you? I know I have not posted in a bit and for that I do apologize. I have a ton planned for May so that is why I am taking it slow this month.

Anyway, this post is going to be very short but I have a quick something to ask you.

I am currently at 92 WP followers and 95 followers total. That means I will be at 100 followers soon (hopefully).

I really want to do something special for you all for this special occasion so this is what I am going to ask you:

What would you be most interested in to celebrate 100 followers with me?

1. A giveaway (see below for more details)

2. A Q&A

3. Assumptions about me

4. Guest post

If I were to do a giveaway, it would not be anything big. Most likely some stickers or something. The giveaway would only be available for my friends in the United States but I would have some options for my international friends.

Comment below which would interest you most, please.

Thank you for reading! Also, we should talk in the comments.

How are you? Any tips for doing a giveaway?

Also, PLEASE answer my question above.

Goodbye, my dears!

80 thoughts on “Hi! | 100 followers special coming up

  1. Congrats! That cool! I made sure to follow you on your blog, not just WordPress.

    I think a q and a would be fun!

    I’m doing pretty good! Kinda stressed but I’m having fun, so it’s been nice. It’s kinda crazy to think that’s it’s already almost May?! How have you been doing?

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      1. I’m exhausted. I had to cram five days of work last week into three and a half so I could go to my grandma’s funeral. It was a nice service, but sad, of course. And now I’m behind. But I’m hanging in there.

        How are you?

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  2. Congrats, girl!🥳 You’ll be at 100 followers before you know it!❤ *throws confetti in the air*🎉

    I’d love to see literally anything from you, but I think a Q&A or giveaway would be so fun! As for tips, like Lrose said don’t give the prize to any spammers and only give your address to someone you trust.😉 I’ll be doing an online giveaway sometime soon, so be on the lookout for that! 😍

    I’m doing really well, Meg! How are you?☺

    Have a fantastic day!🌈


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  3. First congratulations on advance 👏

    Then about the question u asked I’ll suggest that Q&A will be good 👍
    Or guest post would be suspense
    Any of them will be good 😊

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  4. Yayyy!!!! You deserve this, Meg!!!🤩🎉 You’re AWESOME!😄 Wow, I can’t wait to see the posts you have planned for May❤️ I vote for Q&A😁

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