photography dump #1 // nature

Hello! My story post is not working therefore I will be posting the pictures for my photo dump as a normal post.


Here is some of my not-so-amazing recent photography.

yep. thats it. short. unnecessary. lowkey just described my current mental life 🤘🏼✌🏼🤌🏼

im sorry about that ☝🏼…….

im mentally doing HEH GREAT HEH.

ill let you go now…

byeee 😝

Answering your truths (finally)

Hi guys! Usually I would include my dares in this post too but I decided not to do the dares 😦

Okay lets get right into the truths!


If you were able to read minds for a day, who’s mind would you want to read first?

I would read my friend Noah’s…


Truth- Who is your celeb crush?

Most likely most of you don’t agree but Heath Ledger.

Truth- Whats a movie you dislike but everyone else really likes it.

I am so sorry to all you Marvel lovers… I am a Marvel fan but personally I do not like Endgame.


Truths: What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told? Have you ever told a lie in a blog post (tell us what if yes)?

The biggest lie I ever told- hmm.

Well I once lied that I did my math homework for a year but I was actually using a math answer thing online…

On my blog, I don’t think that I have lied. If I find out I have, I will create a post dedicated to it teehee.


what’s one thing that you absolutely hate?

peanuts/peanut butter/any kind of nut

Also, Addie’s dare was SO FUNNY! The only problem was that because of Covid I couldn’t do it in the store 😑


Which celebrity would you be, and why?

I would probably be Seth Curry (Steph Curry’s younger brother… he plays on the Sixers) or Sara Kays.


what food do you hate but sometimes pretend to like.

Onions… I HATE ONIONS. But I sometimes pretend to enjoy them.


what’s the deepest/most meaningful blog post you’ve ever read?

A Letter To Men. (women are invited to read too) This post was so good. Please read it on Jasmine’s blog. Its worth it.

what’s your dream marriage proposal?

I have never thought of this. Maybe something chill but meaningful?

Thanks for reading, darlings!

– Meg