Homecoming ‘21

Seeing Beyond {My Poem Book + a Giveaway + More Exciting Stuff}

Hello, my friends! I WROTE ANOTHER BOOK! AND… OTHER EXCITING STUFF! In this post I shall reveal my newest poem book, introduce you to my editor, and …

Seeing Beyond {My Poem Book + a Giveaway + More Exciting Stuff}

Allison just published a new book! You all should go check it out, plus she’s hosting a giveaway!

Fall bucket list

Hey readers (if your still there, hehe)!

I am so excited… Its the first day of fall! Fall is my favorite season because of a lot of things. Before we get started, i’m just going to share some of my favorite fall things.

1. Fall Spotify playlists (especially this one!)

2. The weather… like fall weather is the best

3. Pumpkin, well, anything!

4. Thanksgiving

5. The leaves!

Yeah, that’s just a few reasons why fall is my favorite time of year.

Now I guess I shall share my bucket list with you all.

– go to Starbucks and do homework while drinking a pumpkin spice latte (why is that so specific-)

– go to a full soccer game with my friends

– listen to a fall playlist at least once everyday

– create a giant leaf pile and jump into it (preferably with friends :b)

– bake pumpkin muffins

– walk to Starbucks with friends

– see some extended family at Thanksgiving

– start liking someone (i’m sorry but I need to do this really bad).

– read 4 books of the Bible

– do a fall photoshoot with best friends

– take some fall photography

– grow closer to Jesus

– go to Canada (I might actually be doing this!)

– get a job

– write at least two blog posts every month or preferably one blog post a week (mmm I kinda do not think I will successfully do this).

– get to 5 Pura Vida Brand Ambassador sales (please use my code MEGGLEASON20 and help me with this one)

– reach 200 followers on the blog

– stop making this bucket list so long (oh… wait… thats on me… my bad… why am I still typing… hehe… wait… thats also on me)

Okay, well thats the end of this post…